Interview with Darcy K

Simply Stunning Spaces 

Interview with Principal Designer, Darcy K.  | by Dione Marie Becker for Discover North County Magazine. 


Paint-by-Numbers Interior Design so you can’t mess it up!! Darcy K has been revolutionizing the world of Interior Design in both commercial and residential spaces by bringing Houzz ideabooks and Pinterest boards to life and turning them into realistic 3D spaces so her clients can visualize the transformation of their space.  

DNCM: What led you to the world of design?

DK:  I grew up in a family where Dad was always renovating or building something, Mom was crafty and my grandmothers were artists- I learned from all of them. I also had an incredible high school art teacher who strongly encouraged me to pursue a career in the arts. When I learned about interior design as a career I instantly imagined it to be the perfect fit. I got my degree through Virginia Tech’s Interior Design Program and coupled that with an emphasis in marketing to support my entrepreneurial spirit. 

DNCM: Simply Stunning Spaces makes remodeling & decorating homes and commercial spaces a breeze, how and when did you come up with your Design-in-a-Box solution for your customers? 

DK: I developed the concept in 2009 when I moved to San Diego to start my business. Several factors played a part,  one being a sincere desire to help as many people as possible love their home. It also just seemed like a natural progression for the industry given new technological advances and an HGTV-inspired mecca of empowered  homeowners who wanted to try their hands at renovating and decorating but didn’t know where to start. 

DNCM: You’ve worked with spectacular commercial clients such as PETCO, How did you help revolutionize their nationwide chain of luxury Pooch Hotels?  

DK: That part of my design career was by far the most fun I think I’ve had in terms of really being able to push the envelope of creativity.  Six foot fire hydrants,  swimming pools for dogs... it was a blast. I loved being on the ground floor of branding discussions and doing my part to make sure it was all consistent with the interior design. I love working with businesses because I know how much a good interior design plan can directly impact their bottom line. 

DNCM: What advice would you give to homeowners who just purchased a new home or are looking to remodel?  

DK:  I always tell everyone to start on It’s truly the best place to gather ideas and it  allows me to collaborate easily with my clients so we can quickly get on the same page in terms of goals and vision. Secondly of course, if they want help putting a plan together to sort through all the overwhelming options, that’s what we’re here for. 

DNCM: Tell us about your recent desire to publish your book Instant Dream Home, where is it available? 

DK:  I’ve been journaling all my life and I’ve always imagined writing a book. That was a couple years ago so I think I’m almost ready for number two.  The hard copy book is available on amazon but  I actually prefer to just give it away on my website: It’s my culmination of free design advice and part of my mission to help as many people as possible love the home their in. 

DNCM: What is your favorite book/magazine on design?

DK: I’m a computer girl, I love purusing all the apps like Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. 

DNCM: What do you like to do with your spare time? How are you involved with your community?

DK:  I love to run along the beach, spend time with my husband, practice my painting and travel to new places around the world in search of amazing resources and inspiration. Last year my staff and I selected a community service project to do and pulled together some of our vendors to help supply the City Heights after school facility with new flooring, furniture, painting, window treatments, books and more to bring new life and inspiration into the space. 

DNCM: You have recently decided to open a new showroom, tell us about that. 

DK: We're really excited about our new space! It's conveniently and centrally located at 7050 Miramar Rd. (next to Starbucks) and will help us fill a need our clients have had, which was simply a way for them to feel, touch and sample the furnishings going into their home.  We're so excited to be able to provide that to them, while also opening the doors to serve new clientele who are searching for stylish interior design solutions for their home in the area. 

Simply Stunning Spaces will be open to the public in mid October so feel free to come by the showroom, meet the design team, get some design advice or simply shop some of Darcy's favorite finds.  


In Studio design consultations are available ($99/hour). To book your Complimentary appointment Readers can call: 619-296-0846 for a limited time only. 


Darcy Kempton l Principal Interior Designer  Simply Stunning Spaces I 8820 Kenamar Dr. Ste 501