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We need the ocean and the ocean needs us.

Voyage with Doc and Ceci …

Doc and Ceci White are setting off again, returning to their beloved maritime home, retracing their voyages from years' past. They have lived most of their married life aboard their charter boat, cruising the world, diving, exploring, photographing, researching and writing about varied marine environments.

On this voyage, they will gather our experienced and passionate team of photographers, videographers, marine ecologists, researchers, naturalists, and guests like you, to track the 10,000-nautical mile migration route of the Humpback and Gray whale along the Pacific’s coastline, immersing the viewer in the diverse ecosystem and marine life that the whales migrate through twice a year.

Ocean Magic Production’s hopes to share the experience with you and the estimated 60 million people living along the Pacific coastal regions, from the southeastern tip of Baja California to Alaska’s Bering Sea. This corridor is rich with marine life and inter-dependent on what happens both on land and nearshore. They will also see what dangers threaten marine mammals and other sea life: food-web imbalances, shipping, entrapment in fishing gear and pollution (noise and biological).